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Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Terms & Conditions


A deposit of 50% is required to secure the initial booking. The balance of the fare must be paid at least 21 days prior to departure.

Charter Bookings

A deposit of 10% is required to secure the initial booking, and shall be paid within 21 days of issue. The remaining balance shall be invoiced either prior to the tour commencement date, or within 7 days of the completion of the tour (managerial discretion).


Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to cancel or alter the tour itineraries as deemed necessary without prior notice. Tour alterations may occur because of factors outside the control of Royal Gala Tours, ie weather or road conditions. Any / all costs incurred by passengers as a result of cancellations shall be borne by the passengers.

Due to the possibility of unforeseen events, the exact arrival and departure times can not be guaranteed by Royal Gala Tours.

Tour Cancellation

A minimum number of passengers is required to operate each tour. Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour if these minimum numbers are not met. In this case, an alternative tour or full refund shall be arranged as agreed between Royal Gala Tours and the passenger.

Unaccompanied Children

Unless prior special arrangements are made with Royal Gala Tours, all children must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for supervision of the child or children. Whilst every care will be taken, Royal Gala Tours will not be responsible for the supervision of unaccompanied children either, before, during or after the journey.

Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to request that children under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult where the health and safety of either the individual or other passengers may be at risk.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on board or in the vicinity of the coach.

Minimum Dress Standards

Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to refuse to take passengers who do not comply with minimum dress standards as determined by Royal Gala Tours.

Drug or Alcohol Intoxication

Consumption of alcohol, food, drinks (excluding water) is not permitted on the coach.

Royal Gala Tours may refuse to carry or may remove from a service a passenger who in the reasonable opinion of Royal Gala Tours is intoxicated by drugs and / or alcohol. Any / all costs incurred from the removal of the coach will be borne by the passenger.

Not a Common Carrier

Royal Gala Tours is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to deal with any person or carry any luggage or goods without giving any reason.

Ready to Board

Passengers are required to be ready to board the coach at least 20 minutes before the advertised departure time. Passengers whom exit the coach for a meal or refreshment break are required to return before the scheduled departure time. Failure to board on time could terminate the passengers trip and the remainder of the ticket will be forfeited.

Medical Condition

Passengers should advise a representative of Royal Gala Tours of any medical condition that may affect their journey. However, no responsibility shall be taken for such conditions by the representatives of Royal Gala Tours.

Seat Belts are to be worn at all times unless medical clearance is supplied.


Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to inspect any hand luggage of passengers prior to boarding the coach. Only small items of hand luggage are to be taken onto the coach, all other items will be stored in the luggage hold below.

Firearms, Explosives etc

Firearms, explosives, volatile fuels or spirits or easily ignitable articles, may not be carried on the coach.

Representatives of Royal Gala Tours

Passengers are to comply with the instructions of the representatives of Royal Gala Tours at all times. No passenger shall remain on the coach whilst in a position of being unable to care for themselves, or if their behavior, as determined by the representatives of Royal Gala Tours, is offensive to other passengers. Royal Gala Tours will not be responsible for the expenses of such persons precluded from completing the journey for these reasons.

Pricing Structure

All fares quoted are inclusive of 10% goods and services tax.

Each tour is priced as a complete package. Meals, morning and afternoon teas and activities are not included in the price unless otherwise specified.

Failure to join the tour at the specified destination, or participate in any of the organized activities will not affect the price of the tour.

Royal Gala Tours reserves the right to alter fares in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Concession Discounts

Concession discounts (10%) shall apply to holders of current senior or pensioners cards (at the discretion of Royal Gala Tours).

Child Fares

Children aged 14 and under, receive discounted fare, being 60% of the adult fare (at the discretion of Royal Gala Tours).

Refund/ Cancellation policy

Refunds may be provided at the discretion of the management of Royal Gala Tours.

However, due to the extensive organization involved with touring, if the refund is given, they will be subject to the deduction of administration expenses and auxiliary costs (approximately 10%).

There will be no refunds given for cancellations made 4 days before the scheduled departure.