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From the Driver’s Seat …Manager Peter Gubler

I would like to thank all the passengers who have travelled with Royal Gala Tours since we have commenced touring the South West region. It has indeed been a privilege to meet new passengers and a pleasure to see the familiar faces of our repeat travellers and we sincerely thank you for your support. We are happy to let you know we have a variety of tours available that include both day and extended tours. Due to WA Covid rules you are required to wear a mask and provide vaccination certificate for entry to various venues.

Royal Gala Tours welcomes passengers to use their Transwa Free travel card entitlements to travel to Bunbury to see the wonderful attraction Bunbury has to offers as a tourist destination such as, Bunbury Dophin Discovery Centre, Big Swamp Wildlife Park, Dardanup Heritage Park, Kings Cottage, Featured Woodgalley Museum, Picton Church and many other attraction.

Royal Gala Tour offer a wide range of tours, So make Bunbury your next holiday destination.

Wedding Transports / Private Charters
Royal Gala Tours can arrange your wedding, or “special events” transports and welcome the opportunity to quote for private charters. We can also design tours to suit your group or club.

Please call the office for more details 1300 233 556

BUNBURY, Book your tour at the Bunbury Visitor Centre or phone Royal Gala Tours 1300 233 556

Royal Gala Tours
phone 1300 233 556

The Final Word …

Royal Gala Tours was founded by the Neil and Peter Gubler, the Gubler family have lived in Mullalyup for over 100 years, with Charles Gubler arriving in January 1912 to take up a position with Hawters Nurseries, and then start to purchase land and establish his own home and fruit orchard and grazing land for a small dairy herd, Henry Charles Gubler followed in his fathers footstep in acquiring addition farming land and establishing more orchards and acquiring a school bus run from Wilfred Walter in 1960 and is still operated by Neil and Peter.

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